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Hornsea Sailing Club
Membership Information 2020.  With CODID-19 the club info is "up in the air"  so please keep an eye on the website.

1. Individual membership, water fees and boat parking package – being a person who, on the 1st day of January, is eighteen years or over.  £220

2. Family Membership, water fees and family boat package - shall include one adult or two co-habiting adults and all children within their guardianship under the age of eighteen on the 1st of January.  £230

3. Young Adult Membership, water fees and boat parking package – being a person who is sixteen years of age on the 1st January (not within the Family Membership)  £100

4. Student membership, water fees and boat parking package - being a person who is eighteen years or over on the 1st of January and is currently a full time student.  £100

5 Family Club membership, water fees and racked junior boat package - shall include one adult or two co-habiting adults and all children within their guardianship under the age of eighteen on the 1st of January.  £100

6. Non Boat Owning Membership categories.
a) Individual membership  £60
b) Family membership  £70
c) Student or Young Adult membership  £50
d) Life membership, persons elected by a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting.  £0
Additional boat fees
a) Individual, Family, Student, Young Adult and Life memberships (per boat)  £90
b) Junior racked boat (only Optimist and Topper racks available)    £50

1. Return your completed form along with a cheque made payable to Hornsea Sailing Club.
2. Pay at your bank or through internet banking.
3. Pay in the Club-room.

Account number: 60445789
Sort Code: 40-25-20 (HSBC)
Recipient: Hornsea Sailing Club. You might not be able to use as many characters as this so put in as many as you can.
Reference: Initial of your first name and first 5 characters of your last name. e.g.(brueg), upper case or lower case.

However you pay, please return your completed form to Paul Ellwood.
Download Membership Forms from in PDF here.
Online Membership Forms in PDF here. For help with an iPad click here.
Download Membership Forms from in MS Word here.
If you don’t have MS Word you can download and use LibreOffice for free.
Membership forms for the 2021 season are available here.
For iPad users:
1. Download ADOBE Acrobat Reader for free.  
2. Use Safari, the installed browser to open the website then click on the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM and       open it with ADOBE Reader.
For more help click here. Or download PDF Expert free from here.
Latest information from the RYA 4th March 2021.
Covid FAQs in England from 5 Jan 2021
Covid 19 Roadmap - Boating Return

1, Roadmap – Hornsea Sailing Club for Covid-19 Restrictions. Download here.
2, Duty Officer Proposals.  Download here.
3, Safety Boat Crew Proposals.  Download here.
4, RYA, Club Guidance Covid19 v2.4 (September 10)  Download here.
5. Covid FAQs in England from 5 Jan 2021 here.
6.Completed and Approved Risk Assessment.  Download here.


The committee are pleased to announce that the necessary arrangements have been made to allow sailing to commence on a limited basis in accordance with Government and RYA Guidance.

Sailors will need to book a place in a session up to 5 days ahead, via the website, and this will be limited to one session booked ahead.
Booking will only be available to members who have renewed their membership and have been provided with login details and a password for the booking system.
The clubhouse will remain closed to all members with the exception of the Duty Officer and Safety Boats Driver of the day.

It is hoped that some restrictions can be lifted before too long, but in the meantime we ask members to respect the COVID-19 operating procedures that have been developed for the safety and protection of all members.

The following restrictions will be enforced when at the mere.
1, Strict 2 metre social distancing.
2, The Club-room closed to everyone except the Duty Officer and Safety boat crew if
necessary for obtaining the safety boat keys etc.
3, Changing rooms will be closed.
4, Clean the toilets after use.
A booking system will operate with a maximum of 10 boats per session.

This system will be under revue regularly.

We will require two people to volunteer to do Duty Officer and Safety Boat driver so please think about doing your bit.
These restrictions are a million miles from what we have been used to at the mere but we are in challenging times so we must follow the rules and advice put in place by the Government and guideline from the RYA.

If you are willing to do a Duty Officer or Safety Boat duty on Thursday to Sunday please email Steve Levett or Paul Ellwood with your preference for a full day or half day.  We has some places to fill.
Please remember the gates to the mere are only open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Have your say on the Forum.

Stay safe and keep an eye on the website.
Last updated 15:42 25th March 2021
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